The German network n-ost and the Danish project to support investigative reporting in Eastern Europe SCOOP have managed to raise 8.400 EUR for three important Ukrainian media: the independent tv-station, the weekly Kyiv Post and the Institute of Mass Information.


Our Ukrainian colleagues have had some very hard months with intensive and long working hours, some have been killed and others beaten up and some of their equipment have been smashed by the police or thugs.


It was from the outset clear that we would not be able to support all Ukrainian journalists or all Ukrainian media. So n-ost and SCOOP decided to support independent media organisations which have shown strong unbiased reporting and/or been working to improve the situation for independent journalism. We know that 8.400 EUR is a small amount taken the conditions of the media in Ukraine into consideration. But we hope that our colleagues will see this an act of solidarity.


Institute of Mass Information will use the money to help colleagues who were beaten up and whose equipment was stolen during the EuroMaidan. More about IMI here:

Kyiv Post which is based in Kyiv will use the money to send reporters to the eastern part of Ukraine to cover important events there. More about the Post will use the money for new equipment for cutting small videos for the internet. More about here:


We would also like to thank all the colleagues all over Europe who have contributed to the fundraising. All the money sent to our accounts have been transferred to Ukraine. All costs for the fundraising were covered by n-ost and SCOOP.


More information:


Hanno Gundert, n-ost. Mail: . Phone: + +49 (30) 259 32 83 0

Henrik Kaufholz, SCOOP. Mail: Cell: +45 40 25 76 18


Publiceret 2014